Ethical Manufacturing

At Miss Seafari we take our ethical & social responsibilities very seriously and choose only to work with small manufacturers where we can manage their production effectively and ethically ensuring fair and safe working conditions are met.
Our Miss Seafari branded clothing is designed in Australian, and handmade with love in Denpasar Indonesia.
Our manufacturer in Indonesia is a small family-run business providing clean, and hygienic working conditions, and ensures their staff have two meal breaks per working day and importantly they are paid fairly for their efforts.
With our regular visits to our manufacturer it is evident that our manufacturer understands fully the importance of ethically manufacturing in their work place and the importance of keeping their well skilled staff, happy and safe to ensure their own businesses sustainability for the future.
It’s our priority at Miss Seafari to keep both our Australian staff and our supply partners committed to ethical manufacturing with our ongoing regular visits to Indonesia, and transparent communication with our supply partners about ethical manufacturing and its best practices.