Loyalty Rewards Program


We’re always looking for ways to give back and make you smile. To make it happen we’ve recently launched our exclusive loyalty program so you can look and feel the way you’ve always wanted to for a price that you’ll love.

We’ll help you get started and reward you with 250 points ($5.00 discount) just for joining!

To join simply Create an Account in the menu below, then register your email and password.

Note: Please sign into your account before you start referring so we are able to reward points to your account.



You can also earn reward points for purchases and referrals, all you have to do is spread the word and help us grow.

In return we’ll swap the points you earn for exclusive discounts on your purchases.

To maximise your points and start referring sign into your newly created account above.

NOTE: When you refer someone to our site use the Referral tab in the menu above, they will receive a code that gives them a $5 discount on their order. If they proceed to purchase from us, you get 25 points as the referrer. Remember to Sign into your account first before you start referring in the above menu.


Points balances may be checked via our home page account login in, or by signing in on the above menu. Balances can be checked from any page with the black rewards tab on the bottom of your screen.

If you are checking points balance in the above menu, at the top right drop down menu, scroll to lifetime Points and select this, it will display the point categories as follows;

Redeemable Points

These are points available to use now. A minimum of 250 points are required to redeem your rewards, with a minimum spend of $60.00 in one transaction.

Redeemed Points

Points that have already been redeemed.

Available Points

This is the total points accumulated including those in a ** 30 day latest exclusion period, which coincides with our 30 day refunds policy.

**Latest Exclusion Points

Points waiting to be redeemed once the 30 day latest exclusion period is complete.


Claiming your points is easy, they can be simply redeemed at the checkout by logging into your account then entering your dollar off coupon code or link. Your account point balance will appear at checkout and you will be prompted if you would like to redeem your points at checkout.

TIP *Make sure you are claiming points that are in the REDEEMABLE POINTS section, these points are available to claim now.  Please read the following Terms & Conditions below;


  • As points accumulate, redemption may be subject to a **30 day latest exclusion period.

Some offers/promotions from time to time may be exempt from this qualify period, and if so will be stated in writing.

  • A minimum balance of 250 redeemable points is required to redeem rewards.
  • You must have a sign in account with our Loyalty Program.
  • Rewarded dollar off coupons & pay with points require a minimum purchase of $60.00 in one transaction & may be subject to an expiry period, maximum reward points redeemed in one transaction is 1000 points. Redeemable Coupons, only one can be applied at checkout per transaction.
  • All points are valid 1st January to 31st December of each calendar year, unless they are subject to a stated expiry period.
  • You cannot earn points for Sale Items, Taxes, Shipping costs or Returned Purchases.

* For full Terms and Conditions & our Privacy Policy see our company information at the bottom of our home page.

Do you still have a question after you have read our and Loyalty Program & Terms and Conditions pages, please email us at admin@missseafari.com.au